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BestPriceGetIt is a free service that allows you to optimize your purchases on Amazon..

How does it work ? Very simple: we constantly monitor the prices of products on Amazon, and we publish them in BestPriceGetIt.

To find the best prices, just visit the home page and select the product category you are interested in.

You’ll get a list of products, with their prices : select those that interests you, and you connect directly to the Amazon product page.

Beware! Amazon constantly updates the prices of its products in the web store. BestPriceGetIt will always find the latest prices.

It does not end here! We will add new services. Stay tuned!

Here are some Questions and Answers about the opportunities offered by BestPriceGetIt.


Is it possible to buy on Amazon sites in Germany, France, Italy and Spain? And the prices are the same in all countries ?

Amazon does not limit purchases from other countries, with the exception of a few specific cases (which, however, are very limited in Europe). This means that you can buy from Germany in the Italian Amazon store, or vice versa. Of course, you must pay attention to the shipping costs, which could jeopardize any savings.

Prices of the Amazon store in each country may be different, even for the same product. In some cases the difference is minimal, in other cases it is relevant and it becomes convenient to purchase a product from Italy, or France or Spain.
Is any purchase made through BestPriceGetIt?

No, BestPriceGetIt simply find the best prices, and displays them. You are then redirected to the product page in Amazon for the final purchase.


How often do you check the prices on Amazon?

We check all prices regularly, more than once a day.


I found a very low price of BestPriceGetIt , but then I could not find it on Amazon. Why ?

Prices on Amazon change all the time, even several times a day, for some products. It’s possible that we found a low price, but after a few hours the price may have been changed again .


Do you have a Privacy Statement?

You can find our Privacy Statement here.